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Dudes and dolls came abuzz with glitz and flashes when the famous cinestar Ms Amrita Rao stepped in the vibrant campus of Dudes and dolls. She was awestruck at the architectural beauty of the dream castle. She also took a campus tour and wished dudes and dolls a very bright future.
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3D Architects is a premier workshare solutions partner who share their knowledge and work in virtual collaboration with their clients, buyers, associates and vendors to achieve holistic solutions. We realizingly screen customer demand to choose the best towards the long term goal through intensive mind mapping. Our communications may not be a fancy speech. But we do believe in adopting more convenient non-phonic document-able ways to achive and recall perfection.

Our designs are not limited to buildings but out of box-ly beyond. We firmly believe designs are out come of life goals and styling in terms of needs and luxuries. At every never-end this evolves and we leave no stone unturned even in sprint modes. Flair in skills and adaptability according to client's way of working is our vertice. read more...